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Magnetic Lipstick(s)

Eyes Don’t Lie

Their’s Colors In Music Deluxe ‘“Eyes Don’t Lie”Eyeshadow

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We Are Color Driven Humanly Influenced

Demetrish Nicole Cosmetics we are cosmetics brand that defines new ways to experience and implement colors to the world; painting the universe one shade at a time. We created this brand to bridge the gap between that black and white space that often is known as no gray area. Our primary focus is to color coordinate the world through beauty color and sound that’s why our featured debut collection is called  “Their’s Color In Music” because we believe color is the vision of beauty while music is the pulse that continuously keeps the beauty industry pumping. We feel deeply obligated to lead this colorful journey with value authenticity self-determination openness while being customer driven delivering great quality products. Specializing in products that are cruelty free highly pigmented long wearing water proof hydrating and moisturizing. You can’t paint the world if the face of the canvas isn’t in its best form. Our motto says EVEN IF WE CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD WE CAN CHANGE THE COLORS YOU SEE IN IT.