Eight Lips


Lips are a tactile sensory organ that accentuates the mouth. It’s cornerstone to the face; often times when we hear conversations about the lips it’s usually in reference to the brand of lipstick or color   which often is described by the shade. But what if I told you that lipstick is not only broken down into color categories such as nudes reds etc. But there are essentially eight different textures of lipstick; now I’m sure you’re probably thinking gloss is one of them well you’re right . But in addition to Gloss which is simply a form of shine or luster that gives the lips a more attractive appearance there are also seven more textures in which I will discuss know.

1. Moisturizing ~ This is for people who have dry cracked lips this should be the go to choice of lipstick.

2. Satin ~ The love child of cream with a matte finish it features shiny properties similar to gloss.

3. Sheer ~ It’s made with very little tint and it delivers a different type of visual effect it’s also higher in oil.

4. Matte ~ The most sought after lipstick finish also known as the color paint of the surface it has no flat and no shine it gives the lips a velvety looking texture which makes the lips appear more vibrant.

5. Cream ~ My absolute favorite a relative of the sheer family it glides on easily and provides a perfect balance of texture with just a pinch of gloss cream lipstick is higher in wax which allows it to stay on longer.

6. Pearl Frosted ~ It reflects the light gives your lips a shiny appearance however it causes the lips to feel heavy cracked and dry when applying this type of lipstick lip moisturizer is recommended while wearing.

7. Gloss ~ Defined by its shine and shimmer thicker in texture makes the lips look more kissable one swipe is all it takes to give your lips a natural healthy looking appearance.

8. Transfer/ Resistant ~ this is for all my color stay beauties it stays put normally 12 hour coverage which means it will get you through your work day and beyond also known as all day wear or long wearing either way it’s staying put. 

So now that your become familiar with the eight different textures of lipstick or shall I say eight lips; now when asked about your lipstick preference you can refer to it by name aka texture and not just by shade aka color. If you like this blog post subscribe to experience more beauty and lip talk with me Demetrish Nicole the Lip Enthusiast  until next time stay beautiful stay true and always be you ... 

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