Demetrish Nicole Cosmetics

We Demetrish Nicole Cosmetics we define new ways to experience and implement colors to the world; painting the universe one stroke at a time. We started this brand so we could paint those dark spaces in the middle of black and white with colors. THEIR’S COLORS IN MUSIC BEAUTY COLLECTION will showcase bold bright flamboyant colors gravitating more towards our younger audience to inspire them to be more open more versatile using those voices to sing there way to tough times while forming a deeper connection with their peers. Regardless of race and or religion. Colors can paint the universe a thousands times over and together we can sing in harmony. Here at Demetrish Nicole Cosmetics we feel deeply obligated to lead this color journey with authenticity values best versions of self openness high quality and truth while maintaining a great customer satisfaction. Their’s Colors In Music and Beauty In Colors while we may not be able to change the world we will be able to change the colors you see in it.

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  • Beautiful Masterpiece

    Beauty In Colors Work of Art

  • Eyes Don’t Lie

    Their’s Colors In Music Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette

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